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Phase One

1001Introduction to the BibleIntroduce the sixty-six (66) books of the Bible, its origin, and the important events, periods, and personalities that led to the development of the Bible in its present form.Dr. Darrell Sydnor
1004Effective Bible ReadingIdentify methods and approaches to Bible study that can lead to spiritual growth and Christian maturity. Areas that will be covered include the structure of the Bible and resources for personal study. Employ resources and tools of hermeneutics.Rev. Larry Harris
1007Survey of the Old TestamentSurvey the Old Testament. Included in this survey will be a general overview of the divisions, times, places-with emphasis on the nation of Israel, events, people, and archaeology of the Old Testament.Dr. Mario Elcock
1072Survey of the New TestamentEngage in a general overview of the divisions, time periods, places, events, people, and archaeology of the New Testament sections of the Bible.Dr. Mario Elcock
2011Baptist DoctrineExamine with simplicity and clarity the basic teachings of the Baptist faith. Explore each doctrinal position and the basis for each doctrinal position taught in the class.Mrs. Loretta Davidson
6021Spiritual FormationEnable people to mature in their Christian walks. Focus on creative and dynamic approach to nurturing people from children to mature adults - to become better disciples of Jesus Christ. Deliberate on what it means to be Christians.Dr. W.V. Pickens