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Phase Four

8066Christianity & Contemporary IssuesChallenge the students to identify and confront contemporary issues. Look at issues that affect the church,
home, and community. Think through practical solutions and approaches to immediate and emerging /^%
social and ecclesiological concerns.
Mrs. Denise Posey
2015Foundation of Christian EthicsFocus on understanding the philosophical and Christological approaches to Christian ethics. Engage in biblical principles for decision making and conduct for living.Christian Ethics: Options and Issues by Norman L. GeislerRev. Timothy Ramsey
8035The African American Church & Social JusticeInvestigate the lives, theology, and methods of the great servants of God who dedicated their lives in the
struggle for liberation of people. Discuss the role of the African-American church in the struggle for the
liberation of people.
Mrs. Linda Chocheron
1112Survey of RevelationsExplore the book of Revelation, with emphases on authorship, date, theme, and recipients. Discuss the prophetic themes, symbols, and interpretations of various revelations.Mrs. Marie Wilhite
6013Organizing the Church for Christian EducationFocus on the various administrative and organizational skills needed to organize the Christian education
department. Emphasis placed on structure, leadership, and staffing needs for Christian education.
Mrs. Marcia Goodner
9024The Computer in the Life of the ChurchTrain pastors, office workers, Christian educators, and others who want to utilize computer technology in
the church. Issues in administration, setting up computer labs, tutorials on Bible study, as well as member
ship record keeping and nurture will be covered in this course.
Rev. Brian Shobe