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Climbing the Phases of COPP

The COPP is composed of Four Phases and opportunitiesĀ for specialization


1004 Effective Bible Reading

1007 Introduction to the Old Testament

1072 Introduction to the New Testament

2007 Christian Stewardship

3008 Theology & History of Christianity

6021 Spiritual Formation


Phase 2

1075 Synoptic Gospels

2011 Baptist Doctrine

4012 Doctrine of the Holy Spirit

7024 Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

9004 Writing Techniques I


Phase 3

1079 Survey of John

1089 Survey of Romans

3007 History of Baptists

7005 Christian Evangelism

9005 Writing Techniques II


Phase 4/Diploma

1112 Survey of Revelation

2015 Foundation of Christian Ethics

6013 Organizing the Church for Ch. Ed.

8066 Christianity and Contemporary Issues

9024 The Computer in the Life of the Church